We tried to "discuss" the Occupy Wall Street protests yesterday on the air and it devolved pretty quickly into name calling and yelling. Normally my "guinea blood" has a low boiling point when it comes to this kind of stuff, but I tried really hard to keep focused on "discussing" the issue.

We were able to have one half way decent conversation with a guy who said he was a Trenton NJ representative of the movement. I was thrilled to finally get someone on the air that could articulate anything coherent or substantial that the protesters stood for.

We posted a link to the Declaration of the 99% here yesterday. Now if this message were consistent in cities around the country with a cohesive group that understood the message, were able to communicate it to the media and not cause mayhem in most cities where they protested, they may have gotten a little more traction. However my guess is that about 99% of these so called "99% ers" have no clue about this declaration, it's existence, it's contents or it's meaning.

I enjoyed reading it. Some of the ideas are dead on. Sadly, or stupidly, however some of the ideas put more power into the same hands of the big government that they seek to change. It also calls for the formation of a third party, which comes off a little naive, since Libertarians have been knocking on the door with a much clearer message in a much more organized and civilized fashion for 30 years or more, only to find little interest from the masses. The public knows two brands Democrat and Republican, just like Coke and Pepsi. Not many people buy RC Cola or other local or store brands, even though they may be just as good.

Americans have been sold these two brands (the Dems and the GOP) and they have shown little interest in the past to look at anything else. They're afraid of change, it seems strange to them or they just don't give a damn. These two parties have had a lock on power as it trades back and forth for years, and it seems we're always left with a choice of voting for "the lesser of two evils".

The country may be ready for a third party, with frustration and interest at an all time high. But a party born from this mess is highly unlikely. If some of the 1% of this group that are actually thinking and putting forth ideas, got together with organizers of tea party groups around the country and perhaps the Libertarian Party, then maybe there's a shot. If, and it's a big IF, they can agree on a consistent, clear message, lose the tents and the drums and the throngs of losers that have shown up in these parks. However I fear that most of the people in these crowds, unlike the founders of our country or the tea party movement, want to be GIVEN something(s).

Those other groups wanted nothing more than freedom to do for themselves, without the burden of a powerful ruling government. In their list of demands is free health care, jobs for all Americans, forgiveness of loans and MORE strict regulation to save the planet. Thomas Jefferson said "a government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take away everything you have"....It's clear these folks don't get that. By some of the quotes at the beginning of their declaration and some of the 21 ideas in there, it's clear they have some clue of where we need to go. They just need to think it through a little more, refine it, and most importantly GO THE F%#K HOME AND TAKE A SHOWER!