Holiday pastries are cropping up all over the place.

Just the other day, I wrote about St. Joseph’s Day with the popular “zeppoli di San Giuseppe”. There's also Irish Soda Bread for St. Patty’s Day; and pretty soon we’ll be inundated with pies, cakes, chocolates and the like for Passover and Easter.

I just thought it was kind of strange to drive up to my local donut shop and see that they were having a special on “Star of David” donuts for Passover.

And even though my wife is Jewish, she wouldn’t know kosher if it hit her in the head.

So I when I drove up to the little box where they ask for your order, I asked her just the same:

Me: “Babe, is it possible to have donuts for Passover? I always thought you had to burn off anything that was made with yeast before the holiday.”

She: “Hmm, never really thought of that! Anytime we had Passover, it was always the flourless chocolate cake, or the almond cookies…but not donuts!”

Me: “Sounds like marketing, but now why would you advertise something to people when they can’t eat it? Isn’t that like poking their eyes out?”

She: “Go ask the kid behind the counter…maybe he knows.”

Me: “Bad enough he can’t hear me through this box that I have to shout. Now you want me to get out of the car to ask some kid a question he probably doesn’t have the answer for.”

She: “Well, you’re the idiot who asked in the first place.”

Me: “Frig this…let’s just go to Starbucks!”

So, you tell me, Passover Posse members….is it possible to have kosher Star of David donuts for Passover?

The Inquiring Goyim wants to know!

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