There's a reason the phrase "there's no accounting for taste" is so true. What you might think is beautiful or amazing just might be "meh" for a lot of other people.

There is no sense where that is more true than the taste in food. The shocking thing about New Jersey's least favorite food is something that I love.

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Really, there are people who don't like olives?!

Yeah, it turns out that there are tons of people who find it to be their least favorite food. Maybe it's my Mediterranean roots, but I cannot imagine someone not liking olives.

It also happens to be the least favorite food for people in a lot of other states. Tennesse, South Carolina and New Mexico you can maybe understand. But New Jersey, New York, Delaware and California also find olives to be the least favorite food in those states.

Minnesota, Wisconsin and Kentucky all find eggplant to be their least favorite food. Even though I love eggplant I understand that one. Maybe since I was born in Pennsylvania that is the reason I don't like sushi. That's their least favorite food. Even though it seems like it's against the law to not like sushi around here, some of us don't get all.

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To show you what snobs our northern neighbors are, Connecticut and Massachusett's least favorite food is well-done steak. Tell me you're a pretentious snob without telling me you're a pretentious snob.

The olive thing is still puzzling to me. I once tried a raw olive picked right off the tree in Italy, against my cousin's warning. It was beyond horrible. Maybe the Jersey people in this poll were eating raw olives?!

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