You may not be able to smoke in a lot of places in New Jersey, but at least the state is not going to stop you from kicking the habit. In fact New Jersey comes in dead last in spending state money on programs to help people kick the habit according to the American Cancer Society.

Peter Dazeley, Getty Images

In fact New Jersey takes in one billion dollars a year from tobacco with three quarters of that coming from tax revenue and none of that goes to smoking cessation programs. Do you believe that we should?

Why should it be the obligation of the state of New Jersey to make sure that you don’t smoke?  Since smoking is legal in New Jersey and it’s proven to be a money maker for the state, (see one billion dollars a year ) then as far as I’m concerned, smoke all you want. The state, for the protection of others will designate areas where you cannot smoke, but as far as getting you to quit, that’s up to you.

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