NJ101.5 may speak of other things this week. President Trump will be in Wildwood Tuesday. The Kobe Bryant story. The feds are now suing over our sanctuary state immigration policies.

But make no mistake, our hearts are breaking for the Parze family and our thoughts are with them. That feels like such an inadequate thing to say. After all, the news came that the body they found in Old Bridge was indeed Stephanie’s. She was missing since October 30, and while there was felt a growing suspicion among the public that the ex-boyfriend who took his own life was responsible for her disappearance the Parze family never lost hope. They continued searching, organizing, rallying behind the cause of finding Stephanie.

They did not want to find her this way. This is not the ending anyone wanted.

They now have to accept that she is not coming home. I have four children, and I don’t know how one accepts that. I don’t know how one goes on. At any age and for any reason, to outlive a child is unnatural and it’s a pain we cannot fathom. Last year I went to the funeral of a long-time coworker. Her parents were elderly, and I could almost feel them willing themselves to take each next breath as their pain was palpable.

While there was still hope the Parzes made this video asking for the public’s help in searching for their daughter. There are family photos in it and the parents are on camera. Now that we know Stephanie is gone it’s hard to watch, but it shows how very much they love her. I put that in present tense because they always will. Ed and Sharlene now need that same depth of love and commitment to help them get through this. Please offer it to them in any way you can.

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