All around the world doctors are speaking out against vaccine mandates for those already infected by COVID. Most of them are being silenced by the mainstream press and the medical establishment.

Just across the river in Pennsylvania a renowned physician and concerned parent is among the many speaking out.

Hoonam Noorchashm has a MD and PhD degree‘s from the University of Pennsylvania and has served on the medical school faculty of Harvard, Penn and Thomas Jefferson University. Doctors like him are warning against the one size fits all mandating of vaccines, especially for those who already contracted and recovered from COVID-19.

Dr. Noorchashm is also a father of six children. Here is his open letter to his local school in Bucks County, PA.

Why renowned physicians and experts like this are being ignored is an absolute outrage and puzzlement. The thought of it gives rise to many conspiracy theories and certainly diminishes credibility and confidence in our medical establishment and government officials.

Teachers and students across New Jersey, both in K-12 and at the college level, have expressed their strong opposition and grave concerns only to be dismissed, ignored, and sometimes shamed. This is one of the biggest issues of our lifetime and sadly it’s being treated with derision and apathy.

Freedom and liberty are at stake at the most basic and personal level. One’s autonomy over our own body, health and ability to live free. In a blue state like New Jersey too many people are ignorant, apathetic, or scared to push back. It’s the most important dangerous part of the last 18 months and many don’t seem to notice.

Take care of your own health, do your research, get yourself out and exercise and your heads out of your asses!

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis Malloy's own.

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