Most of us are thrilled with the fact that there's been very little snow so far this winter. We've had no major accumulating snow storms yet this season. Beside school children and people who work at schools who might have a nice respite from their routine with a "snow day," there are some people even more disappointed. Imagine you spent a couple of grand on a snow plow attachment for the front of your truck to make a few bucks this winter. You're not making that money back so far this season.

How about if you count on the overtime you get when you work long hours plowing the roads for the DOT. If you have a landscaping company that has contracts with commercial and residential developments for shoveling and clearing snow. That's money that's not coming in. If you own a hardware store, you're not selling that many shovels, scrapers, bags of salt and snow blowers. If you own a car wash, not as many people come in for a wash during a snowless winter as they do when the salt and slush residue mucks up peoples' cars.

So while most of us couldn't be any happier about the mild temperatures we've been seeing, some people can't wait to hear Dan Zarrow warn of a big winter storm coming up the coast to dump a foot of snow on our heads and our roads. While I'm all for everybody making an honest extra buck whenever they can, we're happy it's not coming at the expense of most of us enjoying a boring mild winter. I don't want to jinx it, but the long range forecast is in the 40s or better into mid-February. Shhhh!

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