A northern New Jersey telemarketing firm is being sued over accusations it solicited donations on behalf of unregistered charities and failed to keep records showing donations go to charitable causes.

The New Jersey attorney general's office said Thursday it filed a complaint in Essex County against Paul Grossi of Towaco, owner-operator of PJG Enterprises, which also was unregistered with the state.

The state says the firm used a boiler-room operation in Fairfield to solicit donations on behalf of unregistered charities that claimed to help breast cancer patients, police officers, veterans and others. New Jersey is now seeking full restitution.

The state says it began investigating PJG when the parent of a 17-year-old female employee complained Grossi had a "salacious dress code." Investigators say it appeared he hired only teenage girls.

Calls to Grossi and his business were not returned.

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