Is Louis CK now writing TV ads for insurance companies? Might as well have been.

There were plenty of hits as far as Super Bowl ads went but a major miss was the CURE auto insurance ad. CURE is a NJ-based company and someone decided that an ad making light of sexual harassment in the workplace was just what America needed when it needed it.

It’s called “Whip It Out” and if the title doesn’t tell you enough check out the ad below.

“She wanted it.”

“How about you, last week, at Happy Hour, when you BEGGED me for my opinion.”

“I have a pretty big opinion.”

Social media reaction was not pretty for CURE.

The company tried to defend itself to NY Post saying it has an 80% female staff and a female CEO. They said their ad was not making fun of workplace sexual harassment but rather meant to illustrate that opinions aren’t allowed in the current political climate.

And I guess Louis CK was just measuring his inseam, Bill Cosby was just inventing new Jell-O shots and Harvey Weinstein was just a total gentleman.


The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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