The vaccine for COVID is all the rage today. This despite the fact that the virus has a 99.9% survival rate for most people. This despite the fact that we've had only about 100,000 vaccinations distributed in the Garden State with 9 million people and no spike in hospitalizations, deaths and infection rate.

The bottom line is that with a 99.997% survival rate among people younger than 20 and the knowledge that even among the elderly most deaths occur among people with more than two co-morbidities, there is no general need for a vaccine.

The government in New Jersey — and in many states across the nation — have moved the goal posts from the beginning of the pandemic. First it was about making sure we had enough hospital beds and staff to treat and help the sick. A laudable and important goal for sure, especially not knowing how many people would fall ill at the outset. Of course, that goal was accomplished despite the inconsistent policies implemented around the world and nation.

According to the head of emergency medicine at St. Barnabas in the Bronx, Dr. Daniel Murphy, the peak hit at 5 p.m. on April 7. That was the moment that discharges, transfers and deaths outnumbered admissions in one of the hardest hit areas in the world. Literally accomplishing the goal of freeing up beds and staff. Why did we not reopen with a week or even days of that occurrence? Perhaps government bureaucrats and those with a financial interest in an ongoing crisis had something else in mind other than public health?

The next goal was preventing deaths. All the clamoring was about ventilators and PPE - knowing that PPE doesn't stop someone from spreading or catching a virus that is smaller than the mesh in most masks and spreads faster than most that we've seen in recent decades, according to health experts.

If preventing deaths was the goal, why the rush to intubate patients? Was it about the money coming to the hospitals from the federal government for COVID-positive patients and those on vents? If preventing deaths was the goal, why the push — in writing — forcing long-term care facilities to readmit sick patients with COVID among the most vulnerable to the disease? After deaths flattened, the goal changed once again.

The government then set out to eliminate positive test results for the virus. How'd they do that? Test more of course! 40k plus tests EVERY DAY in New Jersey, resulting in, of course, more positive results. Forgetting the fact that the test itself has been shown to be as high as 90% inaccurate, the tests were among healthy people. We know that asymptomatic - AKA HEALTHY - people are not super-spreaders. We know that there is a small group in society who are truly vulnerable to COVID. We know that hundreds of millions have had the virus with tens of millions having symptoms and tens of millions recovering quickly and fully.

Despite all the facts, the governor is pushing for the vaccination of more than 4 million New Jerseyans. This is no longer about dealing with a public health crisis. That passed back in April. This is about lining the pockets of the corrupt and immoral bureaucrats at big hospitals and big pharma. They seem to be OK profiting on your fear and sickness. It's disgusting and wrong.

Before you take the jab, talk to the docs who are rightly questioning the distribution and target audience. I spoke with Dr. Craig Wax on the show this week and he had some great insight as a medical doctor. Take a listen to my conversation and see his latest tweet of who should and should not get the COVID vax:

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