J-L Cauvin, a lawyer turned comedian, is no fan of President Trump. But only the most brain-washed Trump fan won’t be able to see the humor in this.

Minutes after hearing the president’s desire to reopen the country on Easter, inside his Bloomfield apartment he went right to work making this video.

That was Tuesday afternoon. Yes, it went viral already. It’s not only gone viral, it’s even gone viral among celebrities. NJ.com reports it’s been shared by Richard Marx, Ken Olin, Gretchen Carlson, and even Kellyanne Conway’s husband, Trump nemesis George Conway.

Cauvin was born and raised in the Bronx, lived in Manhattan and recently became a Jersey guy. He’s 40 and has been at standup for 16 years. He jokes it took a pandemic to get him his breakthrough.

His Trump is spot on, and this Easter bit where Trump’s ego is parodied into a comparison with God is hysterical. I won’t say anymore to ruin it for you. Just watch.

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