TRENTON — The state attorney general will be working from home after getting conflicting coronavirus test results following contact with a staffer who tested positive for COVID-19.

Gurbir Grewal's office on Wednesday said Grewal had come in contact with the infected person in the workplace on Monday. Grewal, who is not experiencing any noticeable symptoms, took a rapid test, which showed that he was positive. A subsequent PCR test, however, was negative.

Nevertheless, Grewal will continue working remotely while the Department of Law and Public Safety completes contact tracing to notify anyone who may gave been in close contact with Grewal recently.

Earlier this fall, Gov. Phil Murphy had a coronavirus scare of his own after an advisor who had attended a dinner with the governor contracted the virus. Murphy never tested positive for the virus but he and his wife remained out of the public for a week. A second staffer initially tested positive but subsequent tests put him in the clear.

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