Why wouldn't they approve of Murphy's handling of the pandemic? They voted for a guy from out of town who PROMISED to raise their taxes. It's obvious most of New Jersey prefers big government overreach and ridiculously expensive, unconstitutional solutions. So having a representative government that was designed to be made up of citizen representatives, that has now turned into professional politicians and one supreme ruler is a good fit here.

He's well spoken, even keeled and polished and seems to care about his constituents. He doesn't. He cares about power and political ambition, as did his predecessor. But "Chubby" knew the Constitution and what his limits were supposed to be. Murphy admitted on national TV that the Bill Of Rights was "above his pay grade," when questioned on the wisdom of arresting clergy for practicing their religion and leaving liquor stores open to the public.

But forget all that constitutional, freedom and liberty stuff. Who has time for that in New Jersey?! The people in charge are handling things just fine and they'll let us know when we can come back out of our heavily taxed properties and when some people can start making a living again. Don't worry! Or you can look at other sources and listen to other people just to hear what they think. There is little I could find on the internet about this guy Jeremy Elliott, other than he has a podcast. I'm not much for big conspiracy theories but this video is taking off and was allegedly already taken down once. A lot of what he says at least makes you think...

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