Well HERE’S a viral video for you. As stupid people go this woman raises the bar. Some dope walked into a Citibank branch in Englewood the other day refusing to wear a mask then began berating an employee, according to an NJ.com report.

The woman caught in the video goes through a nasty rant and claims she’s a scientist and that “there is no corona(virus).” Yet also mentions the possibility of the teller she berates being infected with it.

Coronavirus is real and to date has killed 268,000 Americans as the pandemic worsens. We are already at 40% of the U.S. death toll from Spanish Flu which struck in 1918.

Not to be deterred by reality, the woman ranted about masks. “I am going now to court to fight masks and you are not going to tell me what to do!”

She threatened to have the bank teller fired. “She knows me well, your boss. Count your days! Count your days!! Bully! What, this is giving you the right to be a bully?! Because you’re brainwashed?! I am a scientist! There is no corona!”

She ridiculed the teller for being younger than her. “You work for me!! I do not work for you!! I’ve been a customer since 1990! Were you born then?? Shame on you!”

Please don’t listen to the science illiterate.

The pandemic is real and it’s getting worse. Please don’t listen to people who deny science and tell you wearing a mask does nothing and that you look ridiculous as if this were a fashion matter. Please don’t listen to people who espouse the quackery of Dr. Joseph Mercola who has been cited for false claims numerous times by the FDA and who claims homeopathic cures for autism. Maybe you’re scared. Maybe you’re smart but listening to the wrong people. This pandemic is real and it’s time to stop pretending you’re some patriot by refusing to listen to conventional science. Watch the video. If you see any of yourself in this woman, reassess.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Jeff Deminski. Any opinions expressed are Jeff Deminski's own.

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