PALISADES PARK — A 33-year-old was knocked out by three men and left in the middle of the street, where he was run over by a car that sped away.

A week later, police are still looking for the attackers and the driver. Investigators have not said whether they believe the vehicle is connected to the men who ganged up on the victim.

Police were called to a report of a fight happening near the intersection of Bergen and East Palisade boulevards about 2:14 a.m. Sunday. By the time they arrived, they found the injured and unconscious victim in the roadway.

Surveillance video shows that the man was pummeled by three men and left in the eastbound lane of East Palisade, prosecutors said Saturday.

A white BMW SUV then runs him over and continues driving north on Bergen toward Fort Lee.

The SUV was described as a recent X5 model.

Bergen County prosecutors ask anyone with information about the fight or the hit-and-run to contact 201-226-5595.

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