JACKSON— A township man was arrested after police say he held two dirt bike riders at gunpoint.

Roger Stewart was charged with aggravated assault and possession of weapons for unlawful purposes, according to Jackson Township Police.

Officers responded to a call about the incident on Friday just before 5 p.m., and eventually found Stewart and the two other individuals standing in a wooded area between Nancy Court and Werko Place.

Stewart was on his cell phone with a dispatcher, according to police, as a loaded 22-caliber rifle was found roughly 25 feet from where he was standing, with multiple rounds in his pocket.

The parties involved shared first-hand accounts that conflicted in detail as to what happened before officers arrived.

Police said that the two riders, whose ages were not disclosed, told officers that Stewart had approached them and pointed his rifle at them as they were trying to navigate out of the woods while on their dirt bikes.

They also said that Stewart had said he would be contacting their parents before calling police.

Stewart said to police that he was sitting in his home, when he could see the duo ride past his house, so he picked up his rifle and went into the woods looking for them.

One of the dirt bike riders said to police that Stewart at one point had pressed the muzzle of the rifle into his stomach, with his finger on the trigger.

Stewart said he did not point his gun at them, but instead had the weapon under his arm when he approached the dirt bikers.

Stewart was taken to Ocean County Jail, pending a court hearing.

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