I have said many times on the air that I would rather live life normally and take my chances while taking precautions than live in this perpetual state of tyranny.

What may be more bizarre than the strange way we are conducting our daily lives, is how complacent most people seem to be about living under rule of one man in New Jersey. This country has long been the shining example of self-governance, freedom and liberty around the world.

How we have acquiesced to allowing Phil Murphy, a rich, radical, carpet-bagger from Massachusetts dictate so much of our behavior and daily activity is almost beyond comprehension. From long lines to enter stores, to wearing masks in public, to shutting down entertainment venues and crippling our restaurant industry, the consequences have been dire. In the opinion of many, it's been far worse than the virus that supposedly caused all of this.

Many of the people in my circle are so frustrated with the situation that they can't imagine enduring this for much longer. Most of the folks I know live their lives much as they did prior to the restrictions, other than complying with mask mandates and avoiding the things they used to enjoy because they're shut down. Monday, the governor said that "the numbers are screaming out that this is surging," referring to the virus. He also alluded to the fact that returning to more widespread shutdowns can't be ruled out.

If his own health commissioner said from the beginning that we are all going to get this or be exposed to this one way or the other, why are we hiding? The death rate for people under 70 years old is 0.04 % and many of those people had health complications. Shouldn't we be concerned about protecting the vulnerable and living life with courage and conviction? That used to be the hallmark of being an American. Sadly, that's not what our elected leaders expect or demand anymore. Compliance is the order of the day, and most people in this state seem OK with that. Shameful.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis' own.

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