This is the biggest story of our lifetime, and it simmers under the surface. Due to a corrupt government, a lazy partisan media, and a brainwashed scared populace, the story doesn't get the attention it deserves.

Monday, hundreds of teachers, police officers and other first responders protested vaccine mandates outside of the Statehouse in Trenton.

They face losing their jobs or being subjected to pointless COVID testing as of this week. Gov. Murphy's vaccine mandate has already cost many healthcare workers to lose their jobs. People are being forced to take something into their bodies that they don't want, don't feel they need and believe doesn't work.

We've had thousands of "breakthrough cases" but governors like Murphy continue to force people to take it. How does anyone not see that this is insane?

This is a nationwide and global issue and it's seriously affecting the lives of many in New Jersey. Most of us know people who've either gotten COVID-19 or seriously injured after being double vaccinated. Whistleblower healthcare workers have come forward to report an unusual number of severe vaccine reactions, and it gets little coverage in the mainstream media.

Many of the people protesting vaccine mandates or blowing the whistle on hospitals that are playing down breakthrough cases or vaccine injuries are pro-vaccine. They're just standing up for the truth and what's right. They're dismissed as conspiracy theorists or radical anti-vaxxers.

A dear friend, a real proponent of vaccines, was seriously injured by the jab and the medical community gives him no answers or cooperation, and the pharmaceutical company that made the shot wants nothing to do with him. All the while, he has had thousands in medical bills with no relief.

This is probably the biggest reason to get Murphy out of office next month, along with a dozen others. It's amazing that whether you believe in the vaccine or not, that people would stand by and let this kind of medical tyranny go on. If that's you, you're no better than those idiots on the street that video a violent crime on your phone rather than call 911.

You're letting your fear and ignorance trample the rights and livelihoods of your fellow citizens. Shame on you.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Dennis Malloy. Any opinions expressed are Dennis Malloy's own.

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