Our society and government are completely out of control. The propaganda around the Delta variant, the Delta Plus variant... all nonsense. The reason? Because, like the "novel coronavirus" it spreads like wildfire, but only impacts a small percentage of the population that is vulnerable.

Elderly, obese people with comorbidities certainly have a legitimate reason to be concerned about any virus that is making the rounds through society.

Younger, healthy people, simply have very little to fear. The facts show that the virus has a survival rate north of 99.8% for most and the so-called 'curve' flattened long before we had massive vaccinations. But these facts don't stop greedy politicians and corporations from trampling over your rights as an American.

Currently, we're seeing a wave of colleges and universities 'forcing' students to get vaccinated or forfeit their access to a normal college experience. There is good news. The brave doctors who formed "Americas Frontline Doctors' are fighting back.

According to Dr. Simone Gold:

"Forcing young, healthy adults to take a vaccine as a prerequisite to attending college is immoral and wrong." Dr. Simone Gold, Founder AFLD

She's asking college students who want to fight back by joining a lawsuit. 

If you are a college student or getting ready to enter college in New Jersey, New York, Colorado, Pennsylvania or Michigan sign up and fight. If you know someone in these states facing the same kind of discrimination and bullying please share this article. The pandemic is long over.

Actually, if you listen to the words of frontline top doc, Daniel Murphy who heads up emergency medicine at St. Barnabas in the Bronx, the crisis ended last May.

Fill out the form. Stand up for your rights. And if you need additional information, start following these smart, accomplished people on social media:

Alex Berenson - https://twitter.com/alexberenson
Marty Makary - https://twitter.com/MartyMakary
Liam Schubel - https://twitter.com/liamschubel

Remember to keep coming back to this site to read all about how to fight back against this medical tyranny which is spreading faster than the virus...and is far more dangerous to healthy people.

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