For months now, I’ve been talking about how limited the impact of coronavirus is on healthy younger people. The numbers are clear. The evidence is overwhelming. Asymptomatic people are not spreading the virus and killing people. Kids are nearly immune altogether and are not super spreaders. According to the CDC, 94% of all the deaths in America, and that counts the puffed numbers in NY, NJ and PA reported throughout the pandemic, had an average of 2.5 co-morbidities.

So what do we know? Healthy people are simply not going to catch it and die on the spot. Anti-viral medication like hydroxychloroquine will work to save people even if they are in a vulnerable category. Even at the height of the confusion and panic, we never came close to overwhelming our medical staff and facilities. We sent the mobile hospitals packing. Nurses and doctors were furloughed. The whole pandemic was blown way out of proportion. Now we’re dealing with crisis actors like Phil Murphy who remain desperate to hold onto the crisis so they can look busy for re-election.

Unfortunately, there are still so many scared adults who really believe they are at risk and are reluctant to leave the house. Even the President is talking about a vaccine development as a positive development for his crisis management. Forgetting about the news that trials were halted because of a suspected vaccine related injury and bad side effect. Forget the fact that even top docs have been skeptical about the efficacy. Why do we need it? The flu shot is not overwhelmingly effective and either way, half the country ignores it. The seasonal flu is far more dangerous to healthy, younger people with no underlying conditions.

So who benefits from a rushed vaccine? You? Your kids? Not really. But Big Pharma and the money making hospital bureaucracies will benefit greatly. I’m a pro-vax guy who just has a healthy dose of skepticism when it comes to the massive revenue expected from a vaccine that seems generally unnecessary for an overwhelming majority of people.

So…will you get it?

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