A 25-year-old woman from Atlantic City has to be wondering just how much her family values her today. According to police, Casandra Oglesby sent fake messages to her family at 1 am on Tuesday that she had been kidnapped and her abductors were demanding they pay a certain ransom. Apparently the family thought about it and decided, mmmm, nah, we'll just call the police. (Hey, we'll file a police report honey but we're not tapping into our savings!) So next the FBI joins in the investigation along with the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office.

Then things got weird.

According to authorities, word was received that the woman might be inside her apartment. They began a surveillance operation. Sure enough, police say she was seen leaving the complex at 2:30 pm Wednesday with some man. Police report Ogelsby was stopped and questioned and she now stands accused of faking her own kidnapping in an attempt to get some money. Here's what is really sad. According to the criminal complaint, the ransom she requested was only $290.

What the ... ?

First of all, if you're going to fake your own kidnapping, isn't it Dumb Criminal 101 that you DON'T remain in your own apartment? Also I have to wonder how she messaged her family. Did she use her own phone or was she smart enough to use some burner phone? And asking for only $290? So dumb.

She is now charged with creating a false public alarm and contempt of court according to NJ.com.

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