Here’s a story out of South Jersey about how ridiculous some people can be during a crisis.

Police say a guy walked into a Rite-Aid in Glassboro with two young girls. There will be plenty to be angry about with this jerk in a moment, but don’t be angry when you see no one is wearing a mask. This surveillance video posted by police on their Facebook page was recorded two days before New Jersey's mask requirement went into effect.

According to police, the man brings his items to the counter only to be told there’s a limit on at least one of the items he has. Many stores have done this for items in short supply. It appears this fellow is a bit displeased that he’s expected to comply with the rule. When the clerk won’t budge, the man becomes enraged and punches the now-familiar sneeze guard separating them with such force it flies out of its frame and hits the clerk, according to police.

Authorities say the clerk suffered a minor injury. The man is seen on video then leaving the store with the two little girls following behind.

I don’t know what kind of day this guy was having. I don’t know what other stress he has in his life right now. But it’s safe to see not one of us is stress-free during this pandemic. I know it’s hard, but we all need to dig down and mine for some extra grace.

Police want your help in finding this guy. Anonymous tips can be sent by texting GLASSPD and your message to 847411. Or call police at 856-881-1500 and ask for Patrolman Corey Pinkney.

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