As we all deal with the polar vortex (aka) the really cold weather, we're seeing more and more videos of people throwing hot or even boiling water in the air to see what happens in the sub-zero temperatures. Most had no luck, but I did an experiment of my own outside of the radio station and you may be surprised by the results!

Matt Ryan (Townsquare Media)
Matt Ryan (Townsquare Media)

We shot this right before 3 this afternoon and it ranged from 6-10 degrees above depending on where you were standing. The wind chill was 15 below. We wanted to see if this freezing airborne water trick that everyone is doing is the real deal. Equipped with a pot of steaming (NOT BOILING) water and a smart phone, we braved the "polar vortex" to see what would happen. Thanks to Andy Chase behind the camera and Ray Malaspina with the water.

Even though the water was just hot and not boiling by the time we got to the parking lot of the building. WE URGE EVERYONE TO NOT TRY THIS IN ANY FORM!

For the record, my hair (what's left of it) froze within 30 seconds.

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