When it comes to cute baby animals, it’s hard to beat a good monkey and the Philadelphia Zoo has introduced one to the world. It’s a species called Francois langur and is an endangered type of monkey from Southeast Asia.

The new addition was named Quy Bau, which means “precious” in Vietnamese and was the offspring of Mei and Chester. According to Penn Live, zookeepers noticed that Mei, the first time mother, didn’t want anything to do with her new baby, but that apparently isn’t unusual for this species. Quy Bau was bathed and fed by the zoo staff. Since then, Mei and Quy Bau have bonded and, along with Chester, are living as a happy family at the zoo.

She is the first Francois langur born at the zoo; the species is native to Southern China and Vietnam, but is an endangered species. Also known as the Francois leaf monkey, Tonkin leaf monkey and white side-burned black langur, the species is facing dwindling numbers due to hunting and loss of habitat. The exact number of Francois’ langurs is unknown, it is believed that there are less than 500 in Vietnam and less than 2,000 in China, with 60 in captivity in North American zoos.

While Quy Bau was born bright orange she will darken as she ages. They are named for Auguste Francois, a French consul in China who first brought the monkey to the attention of the West.

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