Every Friday at noon Dennis and Judi take a break from the work week and have some fun with the ‘Dennis and Judi Music Hour.’ Every week the theme switches and this week’s theme was “your guilty pleasures songs.” You know the songs we’re talking about, the one’s that you LOVE listening to but don’t want anyone to know that you actually enjoy it.     Here's a list of the listeners picks of guilty pleasures they actually admitted to liking.

Chris in South Amboy

Patrick Swayze - 'She's Like the Wind'

Gary in Edison


The Bangles - 'Hazy Shade of Winter'

Kim from Matawan


Olivia Newton John - 'Magic'

Danielle in Toms River


Eddie Murphy - 'Party All the Time'

Ryan from South Amboy


The Human League - 'Do You Want Me'

What are your guilty pleasure songs? Leave your comments below.