Every Friday at noon Dennis and Judi take a break from the work week and have some fun with the “Dennis and Judi Music Hour.”


Every week the theme switches and this week’s theme was “Your Guilty Pleasures.” You know the songs Dennis and Judi are talking about, the songs that you’re ashamed to admit that you listen to because people will ultimately laugh at you unless they happen to like it also.

Here's a list of some of Dennis and Judi's favorites as well as this week's picks from our listeners.

Dennis and Judi's picks:

Paper Lace - "The Night Chicago Died"

Carly Rae Jepsen - "Call Me Maybe"

Here are some of our listener picks:

Vinny in Hazlet

Blue Swede - "Hooked on a Feeling"

Christina in Woodbridge

The Eagles - "Hotel California"

Jean in Brick

The Foundations - "Build Me Up"

Michael in Mt. Holly

The Commodores - "Brick House"

Carol Ann in Voorhees

Air Supply - "The One That You Love"

Chuck in Mt. Holly

Starlight Vocal Band - "Afternoon Delight"

Janine in Jamesburg

Heatwave "Boogie Nights"

Laurie in Bordentown

Gloria Gaynor - "I Will Survive"

Don - Woodbridge

Left Banke - "Walk Away Renee"

What are your favorite guilty pleasure songs? Leave your picks below.