You know what never gets old? Thinking jerks are jerks.

And maybe that's why, to this day, thousands of you come back to our YouTube channel every month to hear a two-year-old clip from the Dennis & Judi show talking about an epically bad parking job by a Corvette — and how a New Jersey guy got some epic revenge.

How much attention did Kyle Demattia get for the photo, taken at a Red Robin parking lot in New Jersey — or for a video of the Corvette's owner seriously peeved?

"Oh, man, on the picture, I wish I could keep track, but I'll tell you this, it's worldwide right now," Demattia told Dennis and guest host Michele Pilenza back in 2014.

We're still seeing comments flowing in on this video on our YouTube page.

"I can see taking up 2 spots way in the back — but taking 2 prime spots near a entrance is a D-BAG move. If I had my old GMC Jimmy — I would do the same thing!!!!!! LOL!" a user going by Black Sunshine wrote just a couple of months ago.

Jeff Blankenship, three weeks ago, called it a "great move."

"I wish you would have parked so close that he couldn't open his door," Blankenship wrote.

"Parking a Corvette like this is like keeping fake gold in a safe," Dr. PennsylvaPia wrote about a month ago. "When the value of a 'high end' car dives at only 33k miles you have to wonder why Corvette owners think the Corvette is a status symbol."

(The good doctor went on to mention that the owner probably had a small ... um ... bit of anatomical manhood.)

"I worked in sales and as a sales manager for real high end cars and never made a deal with one of these goof balls because I had no respect or time for all of the bulls--- that comes with dealing with this species of douche bag," I never met a corvette owner that I could stand being near for more than 3 minutes," Dr. PennsylvaPia wrote.

Kyle told Dennis and Michele he didn't get a chance to have a conversation with the Corvette's owner — but when he saw the 'Vette parked just a few spots from the door, "I was like, come on, man, are you serious?"

"You did what everybody wished they could have done," Dennis told him.

Our always impartial host continued: "Sometimes Corvette owners are known to be a little douchey."

Ever seen a parking job this bad? Taken your own revenge? Tell us on Twitter @NJ1015 and @dennisandjudi.

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