Ever start looking at your vacation days at work and say to yourself "I wish I had more time off?" Well there's an idea being floated around that could be a remedy for that.

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According to this article, some employers are being more flexible with their vacation policies and allowing employees to by and sell vacation time.

If you need more tie off, you could purchase it. Alternatively if you needed some extra cash, you could sell some time to a co-worker.

A soon-to-be released survey by the Society for Human Resource Management found that 9 percent of employers allowed workers to cash out unused vacation time. Five percent let employees purchase additional vacation days through a payroll deduction. An additional 7 percent allowed employees to donate vacation time to a general pool that can be used by other workers.

This method is even more popular with employers that have "paid time off" or PTO plans that combine all vacation time, sick leave and personal days into one plan. About 52 percent of employers offered such plans this year, compared with 42 percent in 2009. Of those, 19 percent offered a cash-out option and 15 percent offered a donation program. One percent give their workers unlimited time off, according to the annual survey of more than 500 randomly selected human resource professionals.

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