You know how we occasionally talk about "driving paranoia", things that are very unlikely to happen to you on the road yet you think about them? I'm coming to work today when I had this guy in front of me. I'm sure he was loaded fine. I'm sure the fraying shoe laces that tied this bad boy of a load down was done with surgical precision. Yet I was still glad I was at my exit. My mind's eye could see the logs careening off the pavement and smashing through my windshield a little too easily.

Jeff Deminski photo

Ironically, a real life "driving paranoia" happened this morning in New Jersey. On Rt. 130 in South Brunswick, a boulder police described as being "as big as a car" came flying down from a truck onto the roadway at 6 a.m. You can read the story and see a picture of this boulder here. Thank God no one was killed. When you see this monster you realize how easily that could have happened.