Lately listeners have been sending in photos of random bad park jobs they've seen. They've been funny, but this is a whole new breed of funny. A woman who somehow got her driver's license but doesn't have a clue how to actually drive is in quite a jam. She needs to drive out of a parking space and is absolutely mentally gridlocked as to how she's going to accomplish this. The addition of the Benny Hill music puts this video over the top. Add to it the dynamic of the other driver who gets held hostage and can't leave while this MENSA candidate maneuvers and you've got a winner.

Check out the video below.

Sadly all she had to do is first turn her wheel to the left until her back end would clear the car behind then swing her wheel back to the right until she's straight and all the way back. Then simply turn her wheel all the way to her left and simply drive off. She decides to be far more creative than me. Feel free to share this. You know you want to.