Yesterday, we took a number of calls from listeners outraged that more and more retailers in New Jersey are opening on Thanksgiving and forcing their employees to come in on the holiday. I don't like it either, but it's their right in a free, capitalist system to choose to do so.

While it may seem repugnant to some, that right should be left alone. If there was no demand the supply wouldn't be created. If they found by opening earlier and earlier Black Friday, now into Thanksgiving, that no one came, they wouldn't do it. Just because they open their doors doesn't mean you have to walk through them. But people do. So it brings us to this question.

Who's fault is this really? Evil money hungry corporations? Or bored everyday folks who eagerly jump at the slightest bright shiny object? You can often get better bargains by going online than you'll get with these doorbuster events, and skip all the crowds, parking, and trampling. Nonetheless, people go. So we want to know if you will?

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