There's a big article on gay marriage from CNN.  If you buy the hype, you buy into the idea that CNN is the authority and will give you everything you need to know. Look at  this article on gay marriage where New Jersey is the first state featured.  What a joke.  Yes, they cover the fact that our state senate just passed the gay marriage bill and it goes to the hands of the assembly on Thursday.  But the only quote they give from Garden State Equality is that they're "cautiously optimistic" about the bill's passage.  Really?  How about their assertion just this week that they'll get gay marriage on the books but only over time and their acknowledgment that the veto is coming?  Holy quote-out-of-context Batman!

Speaking of the coming veto, all the CNN piece mentions is Gov. Christie's belief that the issue should be decided by referendum and not him and the legislature, and the only mention of the V word at all is when the article says "if he vetoes the measure".  IF??? This story would have you think there's some actual chance of it passing this year, when there's no chance at all.  The veto has been guaranteed by Christie.  Even Garden State Equality recognizes this.  Nor is there any mention of the back story of how the very senate president, Steve Sweeney, who pushed so hard for gay marriage this year refused to even vote on the matter a few years ago, leaving the question of whether political gamesmanship was in play completely out of the discussion.

Bottom line,  do you really want to know what's happening in New Jersey? Always, ALWAYS, make your first stop  Period.