After learning of the horrific and savage murder of three more police officers over the weekend, I was shocked, saddened and angered.

The problem was made worse by the political speak coming from the President.  President Obama used the tragedy to call for a civil response by tempering our rhetoric and avoiding divisive language.  Can't say I'm surprised.

He clearly aimed his ire at Donald Trump on the eve of the GOP convention to make a political case over the dead officers.  Amazing that on his watch, tensions regarding police are rising and crime is rampant in the cities.  But President Obama likes to characterize everything through the lens of an activist. He'd like you to think that the two sides are equal.  Both the activists calling for violence against cops and cops themselves.

This premise is both wrong and dangerous. Even having the evil ambush murders of police officers in the same conversation to a mistake made in the line of duty is outrageous.  Avoiding the real solution of empowering our nation's law enforcement  is dangerous.  Focusing on 'divisive speech' will only continue to divide people and hurt those that that will truly benefit from a stronger police presence in their neighborhood.

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