U.S. Representative Bill Young of Florida died recently and, according to Bay News 9, left specific instructions regarding his funeral. Namely, who he didn't want attending.

At the top of the list was Florida Governor Charlie Crist, a Republican; also excluded were a county commissioner and a lawyer, both Democrats and both former political opponents of Young. According to the website's report, Young's widow called each of the three to let them know they weren't welcome. You might assume there were bitter feelings from bruising campaigns past, but the widow, Beverly Young, said its because he didn't want his funeral used as a platform for political grandstanding.

That reminded me of football player turned soldier Pat Tillman's funeral. After listening to celebrities like Maria Shriver and John McCain say things along the lines of Pat being in a better place and being with God now, Pat's brother Richard took them all down. Apparently angered that people who didn't know his brother were eulogizing him, Richard is quoted as saying, "He's not with f*ing God, he's dead. He's not religious. Thanks for your thoughts, but he's f*ing dead." I always thought it was great that he called out the hypocrisy right then and there.

Are there people you would want banned from your funeral? Share your thoughts below.