Mondo bizarro to some – but to one man from Puerto Rico, he left this earth wearing the costume of his favorite superhero.

During the last days of his life, Renato Garcia wore a Green Lantern costume, and so it was fitting that his family decided to bury him in the same outfit.

He passed away last week in San Jose, where he was seen wearing the costume he’d found in a bag of donated clothes.

Apparently this is nothing new in Puerto Rico – or for that matter – among others who’ve had longings to go out as their favorite sports figure or TV character.

A friend of my brother’s was laid out in his casket dressed as Captain Kirk of Star Trek – being the Trekkie that he was.

Others have also been known to don unusual funeral attire – or be propped up in such ways so as to do away with the casket altogether.

In another instance in Puerto Rico, Georgina Lloren was posed sitting up in her favorite rocking chair at her wake.

Another’s dying wish was to be propped up standing at his own wake.

Or the Ohio man, Bill Standley, who was embalmed and propped up on his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Much like the country song by Joe Diffee: Prop Me Up Beside the Jukebox (If I Die)

Nothing like a good ol' fashioned "theme funeral!"