Deminski & Doyle are curious to know which celebrity you've been told you resemble. This on the heels of my revelation yesterday in the lunchroom that my celebrity look-alike is Hilary Swank... yes, the female actress.

I'm not very proud of it, in fact I like to think that SHE looks like ME. When she smiles, the resemblance is frighteningly similar to me, and I'm okay with admitting that to you guys.

See for yourself in the photos below.

Here's Hilary Swank:

And here's me:

Feel free to be as honest as possible and take part in our poll.

I've also been told that I look like Ashton Kutcher, the guy from Smallville and Brandon Flowers, the lead singer from The Killers.

Which celebrities have you been told you look like? Be as honest as possible! Let us know in the comment section below.