Over the weekend, a true pioneer and American hero, Neil Armstrong. Today on the Deminski & Doyle show, Jeff was talking about how he remembers exactly where he was when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.

We then had a chance to hear some stores of people telling us where they were when other landmark moments happened in recent history. Between the moon landing, the JFK assassination and September 11th, these stories were chilling and it really made me think. There are a few moments I can remember exactly where I was.

  • I was in my sixth grade history class when I first found out about 9/11.
  • I was working in Jersey City in the middle of doing an on-air shift when I heard Michael Jackson died.
  • I was a friend's house watching ESPN when the news came across the wire that we had found and killed Osama bin Laden.
  • Most recently, I was out celebrating my cousin's graduation in Sea Girt when news broke about Whitney Houston's passing.
  • I was in my bedroom doing homework when the first strike on Iraq took place.

What are some moments that you remember exactly where you were? Leave your story in the comment section below.