Thanks to Kate Quigley for being a great sport and playing along with our goal to take #TheMuffinJoke to the next level to join the likes of the "Aristocrats."

And thanks to Lou Hochman for being persistent pushing this idea to expand the joke for several months now. Yes, I realize that some of you object to even referring to it as a joke ... but many comics would disagree!

As you already know, "There are two muffins in the oven ..." Kate — the host of UNDERCOVER on Playboy TV and a stand-up comic appearing this weekend at the Stress Factory — proceeded to add her own to the joke that will absolutely have you laughing ... if not slightly uncomfortable.

We're going to make this the first in a new series of asking our comic guests to tell us their own version of the joke. Fill in the blanks between the consistent start of the muffins in the oven and the punch line — which you'll have to watch the video to get!

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