Up until a few years ago, I was never a believer in New Year's resolutions. Everyone's goals for the upcoming year seemed so cliche to me.How many times have you heard one of these:

  • Go to the gym
  • Eat better
  • Quit Smoking

By the time February rolls around, 95% of the resolutions your friends and family make are usually forgotten about and it's the same story as every other year. A couple of years ago, I decided to start coming up with less common goals to reach and make sure I didn't let them fall by the wayside.

My 2011 New Year's resolution was to stop texting while driving. Yes, the fact that people were dying around the country because they had to send "Hi" to their significant other ASAP seemed dumb, but we have all been guilty of doing it. It's been a little less than two years since I've sent a text from behind the wheel.

My 2012 goal was to travel more. Since January, I've traveled over 5,000 miles and seen 23 states along the way, making this year the most enjoyable year of my life so far. You can see some of the places I've been this year by clicking here.

I'm not sure what my 2013 resolution will be. I'm hoping maybe you can help me out. What is your New Year's resolution? What were some resolutions you have followed through on in years past? Share yours in the comment section below.