Are New Years resolutions made to be broken?  Here are the top 10.


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It's hard to believe 2014 is just three days away.  Most of us make that annual promise to improve our lives, commonly known as a New Years resolution.

This year The University of Scranton conducted a study of the most common New Years resolutions.  If you make them and keep them, more power to you!

Here they are, counting up from ten to one:

10.  Spend more time with family

9.  Fall in love

8.  Help others in their dreams

7.  Quit smoking

6.  Learn something exciting

5.  Staying fit and healthy

4.  Enjoy life to the fullest

3.  Spend less, save more

2.  Get organized

You've probably guessed the most common resolution.

Lose weight

If you've made one, I hope you stick to it to help make 2014 the best year ever for you!