Its March 1956.

Elvis Presley rules the radio and the pop charts ("Heartbreak Hotel" is #1 for 8 weeks). Dwight D. Eisenhower rules the "Free World," and is deciding to run for re-election. You could buy a 1956 Studebaker for just under $2,000. Gas cost 23 cents per gallon. The minimum wage is $1.

And "Trix" cereal is battling it out with traditional favorites like "Kellogg's Corn Flakes" and "Post Toasties" for a spot on American breakfast tables.

"Trix" started out as "Saturn Stones Cereal" in 1954, and was more than 46% sugar! By 1956, Trix comes in 3 colors: "Orangey Orange," "Lemony Yellow" and "Raspberry Red."  Corn puffs packed with "body building nutrition" and "refreshing fruit flavor!"

Thats what "Trix" IS  in 1956. But what is missing, compared to 2012?  Look closely. Or not...maybe its that obvious!

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