We moved to Raritan Township a few weeks ago. Well, the mailing address is Flemington. It's one of those ridiculous Jersey things where you don't even know how to tell people where exactly you live. Suffice it to say we are now more rural living in Hunterdon County. There are woods where our back yard ends, which is great for the kids and great for the peace and quiet. Not so great for my long standing track record of being born and raised here in Jersey yet never hitting a deer.

That is sure to end soon. Take a look at what I found in my side yard this morning. Six of them, making themselves right at home. They are quite a street gang. We see them all the time here, and not just at dawn or dusk. I'm saying ALL the time. My son was walking home from the bus the other day and he said there were 12 on the neighbor's lawn. That's enough to pull Santa's sleigh and have a few left over. Okay, so they're not reindeer, they're white-tailed deer. The point is they are beautiful, but it makes the thought of planting most things unlikely and I would say there is a 98 % chance I will be hitting a deer in the next few years, finally making me feel like a true New Jerseyan. Heck, by the looks of thing it may even happen in my own driveway.

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