Among the shows the TV Land Awards are honoring this year are “Freaks and Geeks” a one-year-wonder created by Paul Feig with executive producer Judd Apatow and starring Seth Rogan.

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images


While I never understood the concept of the TV Land Awards where a TV show, actor or actress gets paid tribute for something that took place many years ago, I do like the idea of honoring a show that was only on the air for one year. Too many times I get hooked on a show only to have it disappear just as I’m getting into it.

One example that comes to mind is “Life On Mars," a 2008 show derived from the BBC series about a detective who’s shot in the present and taken back to 1973 where he works in his old precinct to find out why he’s there. Among the cast members were Harvey Keitel, Gretchen Moll, and Michael Imperioli.

Unlike the old days when shows like Seinfeld and M*A*S*H were given time to grow and build an audience, now if you don’t get an instant audience, the show is gone in the blink of an eye. This makes it difficult to get into the new shows, which could be a reason that the ratings aren’t what they used to be.

What are the “one year wonder” TV shows that you got hooked on only to see them cancelled way too fast?

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