So sick and tired of politicians using people's fear to drive an agenda that will only serve to advance the interest of the politician, not the people.

Watching the news coverage of the #MarchForOurLives this weekend and dealing with the local traffic was not only annoying, it was disturbing. Media outlets tried desperately to push the narrative that this is the national movement for a generation as the opposition to the Vietnam war becoming the defining moment for the college kids in the 1960s.

Here's my take. This isn't even close to the level of energy and national outrage that accompanied daily reports of American troop deaths in Southeast Asia. First of all, the protesting in the '60s was being done largely by people who were old enough to vote. As we know, many of the kids screaming about gun control now are not old enough to vote. Even the one's that are old enough don't have a great track record. I mentioned on the air Monday, a report from Illinois where less than 3 percent of millennials participated in the recent primary. So 97 percent of that generation will have had zero say in the two major party candidates facing off for various offices in November. My guess is that number is probably accurate in other states too.

As far as young people, the ignorant attack on legal gun owners and important organizations like the National Rifle Association will fizzle out as quickly as it materialized. What won't fizzle is the money and political agenda of the organizers using these kids to push legislation.

Gov. Murphy wasted no time using the protests over the weekend to proclaim support for bills making their way to his desk. Of course, we already know that the news laws will do nothing to cub gun violence and murder in our cities and in our schools. Remember the case of the Texas church shooter? Clearly there were laws on the books designed to prevent his purchasing a firearm, but a lack of proper communication failed the community. Thankfully a legal gun owner was able to step in and stop the massacre.

Gun laws are onerous in major cities where neighborhoods are plagued with violence. Just look at the number of people killed so far this year in Chicago. Look at the access to what many refer to as "Community Guns" in places like Newark. And in the case of Chicago, this year the number of shootings has dropped. But that good news is not about gun control, which is as strict as anywhere in the nation, it's about the deployment of "Violence Interrupters."

Then let's look at the so-called villains or scapegoats in the political war on legal gun ownership. First is the high capacity magazine. NJ will likely limit the purchase from a max of 15 to a 10 round magazine. Ridiculous and actually dangerous. There are many examples of how honest citizens have used weapons like the AR-15 to defend themselves, families and businesses. For government to step in and limit the effectiveness of a private citizen to defend themselves is outrageous. Here's a good read on some examples of citizens used the dreaded "military style" weapon to defend themselves. When the riots broke out in Los Angeles in the 1990's, business owners in Korea Town kept the rioters at bay using rifles and high capacity magazines. Since they had an abundance of ammunition, they were able to fire warning shots which actually prevented the loss of life. May have been a different outcome without the weapons and the magazines.

What new gun control doesn't address is the failings throughout law enforcement, social work and education that allowed the Parkland killer to remain free with the ability to purchase a weapon. What new gun control measures don't address is the fact that we still have soft targets throughout New Jersey where children, worshipers and shoppers are still vulnerable every day. What new gun control doesn't address is the fact that the more legal gun owners are vilified and organizations like the NRA are likened to terrorists, the gangs and terrorists become more emboldened.

Senate President Steve Sweeney may feel good after changing the magazine capacity to 10 from 15. The Governor may feel good about taking five cartridges out of a magazine. But with the exposure of soft targets and the vilifying of legal citizens, we're back where we started. Do you think they don't know that the Parkland killer used ten round magazines?

Facts matter guys. When you're done patting yourself on the back for passing all sorts of new and useless regulations at the expense law abiding citizens, maybe you'll address actual solutions to violence, oh and maybe that pesky "affordability thing" that seems to only be getting worse.

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