A Warren County teenager is making bagging history this month at the Mansfield ShopRite. He claimed top spot in the 25th annual Best Bagger competition. This means he is now headed to Las Vegas for the National Grocery Bagging Competition. That's right. Headin' to the Bigs. There's a $10,000 prize at stake. Who knew? If he wins he may even get to meet celebrities as winners are often invited to appear on "The Late Show With David Letterman".

His name is Eric Kay. Eric has worked at the ShopRite since 2011. He packed 29 items in three canvas bags in 29.91 seconds to beat out 21 other competitors. The judging allocated 10 points each for speed and proper bag-building technique, 5 points for weight distribution and another 5 points for style, attitude and appearance.

Here's a video of the most recent National Grocery Bagging Competition. As you'll see in the first minute it's not a party until the bagging nerds get together. The fact that they enter the room to 'Gangnam Style' makes it all the better.