The accused Pinnochio of NBC News has already temporarily vacated his seat with Lester Holt filling in for him. Now the question becomes should he step down permanently? The stories of being shot down in a helicopter which never happened, and the apparent tall tale of covering Katrina and seeing a dead body float by from his hotel room window when his hotel was no where near the flooded area, have led to Brian Williams' credibility being put under a microscope. TIME's Maureen Dowd recently ran a piece saying NBC executives were warned a year ago that Williams was "constantly inflating his biography". It is said it was common knowledge around the news room that Brian Williams lied and lied a lot.

Off-air is one thing, although bad enough. On-air for a guy trusted to give the nightly news and get it right? Should he keep his job? If Maureen Dowd's piece is true that NBC executives and many in the news room were well aware that Brian Williams was pathological, then aren't they just as responsible for allowing lies to be told to the public?

Now there's today's story about another possible tall tale told by Brian Williams from right here in his home state of New Jersey. He says when he was selling Christmas trees back in the 1970's in Red Bank a mugger put a gun in his face and stole his money. Long time Red Bank residents who remember what the town was like in the 70's strongly doubt it ever happened. It was an extremely safe area back then according to locals.