Eleven people were arrested over Memorial Day weekend in Cape May County as the state Division of Alcholic Beverage Control partnered in a multi-agency crackdown on underage drinkers.

On May 25, ABC and State Police detectives conducted an underage drinking enforcement detail at Gleeson’s Liquors in Dennis Township. The two agencies monitored the liquor store from the parking lot and watched as six individuals between the ages of 18-20 walked into Gleeson’s and purchased or stole alcohol. The detectives arrested and charged Matthew Napoli, 19, of Voorhees; Ryan Arthur, 18, of Medford; Joseph Barton, 19, of Drexel Hill, Pa.; Robert Ertel, of Drexel Hill, Pa.;  and Liam Parker-Correia, of Malvern, Pa. for purchasing alcohol underage. They also arrested and charged Robert Goggin, 20, of Newton Square, Pa. for shoplifting $102 of alcoholic beverages.  

During this detail, the State Police arrested Edward Przybyszewski, 23, for DWI after the Williamstown man drove erratically into Gleeson’s parking lot and parked his vehicle in a handicapped spot. Andrew Bertman, 18, of Mt. Holly, was arrested and charged for the same offense.

The following day, the ABC teamed up with the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office to work undercover at various establishments in North Wildwood that netted three arrests for consuming alcohol underage. Stacy Pundock, 20, of Thorofare, was arrested at Flip Flopz and Jillian Furey, 20, of Oakford, Pa. and Lauren Haviland, 20, of Warminster, Pa. were both nabbed at Coconut Cove. Furey was also issued a summons for presenting a false identification. 

“Working in conjunction with other agencies is ideal because they add local and institutional intelligence that go a long way towards effective enforcement,” said Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control Director Michael Halfacre. 

Underage drinking and purchasing alcohol underage are disorderly persons offenses, carrying potential fines of at least $500 and a six-month driver’s license suspension. The liquor licenses of establishments involved in last week’s enforcement efforts will be reviewed by ABC for possible administrative charges. Those charges could result in the suspension of the bar’s alcoholic beverage license.

 “Cracking down on underage drinking is without a doubt one of our top priorities at the ABC,” said Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control Director Michael Halfacre. “Our enforcement efforts in Cape May County on the busy Memorial Day Weekend period and our previous arrests in Atlantic and Bergen prove our focus on enforcement is there. We plan to make ourselves a visible presence on the shore this summer. ”