There's a line in the play "A Bronx Tale" where, after Sonny politely asks a motorcycle gang to leave his bar and they refuse, he locks the door and says "now youse can't leave." The iconic scene kind of reminds me of President-elect Donald Trump's recent tweets regarding businesses trying to leave the country — and I love it.

Despite the fact that the media is not exactly thrilled with Trump's presence on Twitter, since they don't get to be the middlemen, I love the fact that Trump tweets directly to us. I also love the message to big business that if they leave the country for another country and fire people in the process, we will tax them 35 percent at the border.

Trump also promises to substantially reduce taxes and regulations on businesses, which is something we could really use in New Jersey. I say this having owned a few businesses here.

Of course, Trump says businesses are free to move about the country, as he puts it "the United States is open for business." Hopefully in New Jersey, we'll be able to take advantage. Makes you wonder why something like this hasn't been done before.

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