How many October surprises can one presidential election year offer? After Trump's problems with groping women, next came Hillary Clinton's little world being upended by FBI Director James Comey's announcement that they weren't done digging into her emails after all. Now back to Trump. A video has surfaced that some say contradicts his claim of not knowing reputed mob figure Robert LiButti.

LiButti, who died in 2014, was said to have ties to John Gotti and was banned from the state's casinos in 1991. Asked repeatedly about the mob figure, Trump has said he doesn't know him.

"During the years, I very successfully ran the casino business, I knew many high rollers. I assume Mr. LiButti was one of them, but I don't recognize the name."

It's hard to believe Trump wouldn't recognize the name considering the NJ Casino Control Commission once levied $650,000 in fines against Trump Plaza over this guy. One issue was the way he was being comped. Another was the notoriously racist and sexist LiButti hated having blacks or women at his tables when he gambled. He would insist black dealers be replaced with white ones, and females be replaced with males. The trouble for the casino came when they violated the rules by honoring the guy's request.

Then there's the matter of LiButti's own daughter who said her father was a frequent guest on Trump's helicopter and at Trump parties and that they had a close relationship. Others have also backed up these claims. Yet Trump has maintained he wouldn't have known LiButti if he were standing right in front of him.

Now a video has been unearthed showing Trump right next to LiButti front row at a 1988 Wrestlemania event in Atlantic City. His daughter says they were Trump's invited guests. One video doesn't mean much. But when you put it with everything else, it certainly sounds like either Trump would like to minimize his relationship with a mob figure or he is developing some serious memory issues. Will this latest October surprise matter to Trump's base? Fuggetaboutit!

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