Do we really have that much free time on our hands that we're offended that Mario Batali included a recipe in his apology? Actually I would find it much easier to forgive him if his Pizza Dough Cinnamon rolls were good. Not that Batali would actually care either way. I'm not  even sure why he's apologizing to me in the first place! Several women complained that he touched them inappropriately and for that he much step down from his successful business and leave "The Chew." If this were Italy, no men would be working. Rape and molestation I can understand, "inappropriate" to me needs more definition.

Imagine if you serve Batali's rolls at your Christmas party and people ask where you got the recipe. I wonder if women would be slamming them in the garbage or just continuing to enjoy them. Maybe Batali's next apology should come with a recipe for "groped grouper" or "goosed liver" which would be more appropriate.

As long as we're at it, how cool would it be if all the fallen celebrities sent you a little somethin' somethin' with their apologies? Maybe Matt Lauer can explain how he convinced NBC that he needed a remote door closer.  How cool would it be for Louis CK to add a comedy special with his sorrowful words. Then again, I'm sure he'll save that for his next HBO special when this whole thing blows over and he's forgiven. That's what Richard Pryor would have done.

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